The Grand Expedition (15 Days/14 Nights)

The Grand Expedition


The Grand Expedition will take you on a journey travelling down the longest chain of dunes in the world “Abu Moharek”, crisscross a variety of Labyrinths, travel along ancient camel routes, WW2 British tracks, Dakar Rally tracks and more. The terrain and variety of landscapes of the western desert endlessly changing. The journey begins from a lush green oasis with palms, olives and mango groves, to sand dunes, to hills, escarpments, marble labyrinths, to baren landscapes and Mars-like terrain amongst the White Desert formations. Travelling from one Oasis to the next, visiting Baharia, Dakhla and Kharga Oases. Camping for 10 nights and lodging 4 nights. Travelling in well equipped and reliable Toyota Landcruisers, stacked with supplies, gear of all sorts and guided by friendly and expert guides throughout the entire trip.

Day 1: Cairo – Baharia Oasis

0800 Early start from Cairo, head out to Baharia Oasis, check into EcoLodge, have lunch and begin an tour of the Oasis, visiting the English Mountain, the Lakes of the Oasis, the dense Palm groves and check out the slow paced relaxed lifestyle of the Oasis. Dinner will be served at your Ecolodge in the evening. *Lunch & Dinner *Accommodation in Eco-Lodge

Day 2: Baharia – Abu Shaala – Abu Moharek

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 3: Abu Moe East, Abo Moe

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 4: Abu Moe – Gas – Djarra Cave – Singe Dune

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 5: Single Dune – Water-melon valley – McMallan

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 6: McMallan – Agabat – Serw – Matar

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 7: Matar – Wadi – Ein Khadra – Santa – White Desert

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 8: White Desert – Karaween Dunes – Abu Garara Hill

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 9: Abu Garara – Wadi Jahanam

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 10: Wadi Jahanam – Tawil – Abu Moharek Labyrinth

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 11: Abu Moharek Labyrinth – Madman’s Pass – Crescent Dunes

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 12: Cresent Dunes – Labakha Fortress & Well – Cathedral Dunes

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 13: Cathedral Dunes

– Um El Dabadeeb Fort – *Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Camping Overnight

Day 14: Um El Dabadeeb Fort – El Kharga Oasis – Eco Lodge

*Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner *Accommodation in Eco-Lodge

Day 15: Departures – Kharga – Cairo/Luxor

*Breakfast & Lunch
This expedition is active from November to April and could be tailored for groups of 4 to 20 persons.

Cost includes:

– Assembly Pickup & Drop off in Cairo agreed location. – All meals above-mentioned – Drinks, snacks, fruits (Water, Tea, coffee, mint …etc – Accommodation in Eco-lodges for 2 nights (Nights #1 & #14) – Desert Gear (Kitchen, camping, recovery….etc.) – Tents, sleeping mats, Sleeping Bags, blankets. – Transportation for the duration of the entire offroad trip in reliable Toyota Landcruisers (1200KM) – Services of friendly, English speaking, experienced guide and cook for the journey.

Cost excludes:


– White Desert National Park/Temple/Sites Tickets or entry frees – Personal Expenses – Travel & Medical Insurance – Alcoholic beverages – Tips & and Gratuity
Let us tailor you and expedition. Feel free to contact us for an offer.

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